We asked a few of our customers to share what they thought about RightMessage and what we were doing.

Here's what they had to say...

It's been quite a while since a 'big new idea' has come out of the UX world, and RightMessage is your front-row seat for it.
Samuel Hulick
Founder/UX Designer, UserOnboard
Quite simply, RightMessage is the future of conversion optimization and copywriting. They've made personalization accessible to everyone. There's not one client I have that wouldn't see a benefit from being on the platform. I wish they all were.
Joel Klettke
Conversion Copywriter and Consultant, Business Casual Copywriting
This software is BRILLIANT
Andrew Warner
Founder, Mixergy
Web personalization is the “next big thing” that will quickly become the expected norm -- so get the jump on your competition. RightMessage is not only affordable, it also quickly pays for itself thanks to the proven spike in sales that you’ll experience thanks to personalizing your content and copy.
Brian Clark
CEO, Rainmaker Digital
I use RightMessage and I recommend it to all my clients. It's one of the most incredible CRO tools I've seen and used in a LONG time
Aaron Krall
SaaS Onboarding Specialist, AaronKrall.io
For marketers ahead of the curve — those who understand the importance of personalization to their overall marketing & CX strategy — the challenge up to now has not been *why* to focus on personalization, but *how.* RightMessage finally removes the marketer’s biggest barrier to personalization — heavy reliance on an engineering team — giving marketers greater control than ever to create a resonant, high-converting experience.
Claire Suellentrop
Co-founder, Forget The Funnel
RightMessage is a game-changer. By personalizing our offer pages (using data RightMessage helped collect), we were able to add more than $100k in net new revenue to our last big promotion.
Pat Flynn
Founder, Smart Passive Income
We’ve been asking questions with an onboarding survey for a while now, RightAsk alone has easily doubled the response rate. Now that there’s an opt-in at the end of those questions with RightCTA, 30-40% of the folks who answer are now signing up!
Alex Hillman
Co-founder, Stacking the Bricks
Personalized messaging shouldn't start or stop with the communications we send to our customers, it should be carried throughout every interaction we have with them. Using RightMessage and ActiveCampaign together, personalization exists across emails, webpages, and the many touch points in-between. And with the benefit of automation, you're getting the right message to the right customer at the right time, every time!
Shay Howe
VP of Design, ActiveCampaign
I got RightMessage running on a site and it is badass. What a great tool. RightCTA is amazing.
Joel Hooks
Co-founder, EggHead.io
In the first week alone RightMessage boosted my sales by more than the price of a yearly RM subscription 🔥
Louis Nicholls
Co-founder, PostPerk
RightCTA is a huge step forward for most businesses with email funnels. Rather than using “dumb call to actions” that treat everyone the same, you can offer value to people based on their situation.
Blair Wadman
Web Developer & Educator, Befused.com
RightMessage is, I think, in a class of its own. It truly has the potential to change the effectiveness of everyone's marketing campaigns, and the ability to drive conversions and increases in LTV.
Michael Napl
Digital Marketing & Personalization Consultant, MichaelNapl.com
It's annoying to show existing subscribers your signup offer, but to be smarter about it was really really hard. RightMessage makes it dead easy. And I love how it makes segmenting your email list almost transparent. We're able to get so much more data about our users, and have that info immediately applied to our email list. And as that information grows, our site content and our emails can be more on target for each user. Such a cool tool.
Jason Glaspey
Co-founder, Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE)
What I love about the tool and the relationship/training is that Brennan and the team are not focusing only on "how to use the tool" but very naturally teaches about what makes and what doesn't make sense in specific situations. That's exactly what we all need. After all, there are many great tools out there with video tutorials on how to use them. Thumbs up!
Tomasz Banas
Founder & CEO, INCORE Digital Marketing Agency
After a weekend at #WCAVL, I sat down to finish testing something for my colleague at LiquidWeb and I’m happy to say that RightMessage delivers joy even when you’re tired on a Sunday night. My Monday will be better because of what the team has created!
Chris Lema
VP, Products and Innovatio, LiquidWeb
Been playing with RightMessage for the past few months. Going to be digging in a TON more very soon for Wandering Aimfully and other smaller projects. I 100% believe that personalization is a crucial step for online biz owners.
Jason Zook
Co-Founder, Wandering Aimfully
I've been keeping up with RightMessage for over a year, and it just keeps. getting. better. There is not a better way to be relevant to your audience. And their CRM syncing is a thing of beauty, which you'll never need to worry about after integrating.
Morgan Andrew
Developer, impactbnd
I just used RightMessage for the first time and I gotta say: It's fantastic 😍😍
Mohammed Manssour
Full-stack developer, Freelancer
You guys deserve an "atta-boy". I was an initial user of RM, but when you made the switch to CTA's, I set it aside until I had time. Stupid decision on my part because when I finally took the time to redo stuff on Saturday morning, I was surprised how little time it took. Now ... here's some meat for you: in the last few months of showing a Drip form to "subscribe to my newsletter" on my blog, I've been converting 0.7% of those who saw the form. In the last 3 days since removing the Drip form and using a RM CTA toaster widget, opt-ins have jumped 💥💥 60% 💥💥! The only two differences: (1) RM toaster vs. Drip toaster (I don't think that matters) & (2) I ask a single question "what brought you here" before they get pitched the offer.
Andrew Connell
Founder & Course Creator, Voitanos