Change links and buttons on your website

It’s easy to change links or buttons on your website depending on segmentation. This is a great way to do conversion-boosting things like changing sitewide navigation or prominent calls-to-action based on who someone is.

Every personalization in RightMessage starts by taking into account the segment you want to target.

Select the segment you want to personalize for in the control bar.

Selecting a segment to change a link or button

Using our visual editor, simply click the link or button you want to change.

Click Start personalizing this link

A floating window will appear.

Begin to personalize for a link or button

Step 3: Make your changes

Expand the “Destination URL” or “Text” areas in the floating window.

Enter in the content that you’d like to replace your link/button text or destination URL with.

Personalizing for a link or button

Step 4: Don’t forget to publish!

Finally, once you’re ready to go live with these changes click the “Publish to website” button at the top right of your screen.

Don't forget to publish!

Any changes you make in RightMessage – including changes to personalizations – won’t actually go live on your website until you click “Publish to your website”.

For more information on how this all works, check out our section on publishing.

Next up

Tracking conversion goals

By default, new RightMessage personalization campaigns will attempt to personalize your website for all visitors. Attach a campaign goal (or goals) to a campaign, and it will automatically be A/B tested.