Your landing pages: supercharged

Increase landing page performance – without ditching your current landing page software. A must for paid ads and affiliate campaigns.

Step 1

You have campaigns that are sending traffic to your website

You’re likely sending people to landing pages. And maintaining “one ad = one landing page” is really stinkin’ hard.

Step 2

RightMessage looks at where your traffic comes from

When a visitor visits a landing page, we take into account the context that brought them here. What kind of people click this type of ad, follow this affiliate, or might subscribe to the newsletter that promoted you?

Step 3

We’ll make the visitor feel right at home

Using this initial segmentation data, RightMessage can personalize headlines, a featured testimonial, images, and more. Visitors see testimonials from people like them, headlines that directly address who they are and what they need, and more.

Step 4

One landing page is all you need

“On ad = one landing page” isn’t anything revolutionary. Marketers have known for a while that every ad should be accompanied by a unique landing page.

But to do this in the past, you’d end up needing to clone the same landing page dozens (or even hundreds!) of times – with each landing page varying slightly. Talk about a maintenance nightmare!

RightMessage will post-process an existing page, allowing you to potentially have hundreds (or even thousands) of variations using one single landing page.

Paying for ads? Make sure you’re not wasting your ad budget

Typically most RightMessage-optimized landing pages see 20%+ more conversions than the control. As much as we’d like to take full credit for this, those results have little to do with RightMessage itself – more personalized, more relevant messaging is always going to win out.

While you could create dozens, or even hundreds, of variations of a baseline landing page in your landing page software to match every ad with a landing page, you likely don’t have time for that.

And that’s where RightMessage shines. We help you give a diverse audience of people highly personalized landing pages in just minutes. (One of our customers created 1,200+ possible variations just 45 minutes after starting their account!)

Aaron Krall

”I use RightMessage and I recommend it to all my clients. It’s one of the most incredible CRO tools I’ve seen and used in a LONG time ”

– Aaron Krall