Learn about your audience and send more personalized messages

Progressively profile your email list and learn about who you’re helping and what they need your help with RightMessage’s unobtrusive surveys.

Step 1

Tastefully survey people on your website

We never ask the same survey questions twice. If someone has already answered one of your survey questions or that data is already stored in their email marketing record, then we’ll skip ahead.

Step 2

Answers are synced immediately to your email marketing database

Easily survey your visitors by finding out a bit about what they’re looking for and who they are. These “one-click” surveys are unobtrusive and show visitors that you care about giving them exactly what they need.

Step 3

Ask different follow-up questions based on answers (or other data you’ve collected)

Now’s where things get fun! Instead of just showing your standard, tired opt-in form, RightMessage will instead generate a fully personalized (and beautiful) opt-in that caters to what they’ve told you or behavioral assumptions (for example, if they’re mostly reading articles on “Starting A Business” they’re probably… wanting to start a business!)

Step 4

Personalize opt-ins, sales copy, testimonials, and more

While we’d love to promise that everyone who’s on your website and not yet on your email list will immediately opt-in to your offer, the reality is most won’t. And that’s fine! Because as this person continues to move around your site, we’ll remember their survey answers and segmentation and continue to show individually personalized content and opt-in forms.

A few survey templates to start with...

We’ve created a number of CTA Funnel Recipes that will give you an idea of how you can not only survey your audience, but also pitch the right (totally personalized) offer and opt-in to them.

Want to personalize? Then you first need to segment.

Personalization done right is much more than just sticking a first name at the beginning of an email.

It’s the reshaping of an email pitch, a sales page, or a product description based on either who someone is or what they need. Most marketers don’t have that data… they simply don’t have the segmentation data that’s needed to create highly-effective personalization campaigns.

RightMessage gives you segmentation super powers. New and returning visitors to your website will be profiled over time and with minimal friction. No re-entering of their email address. No being met with giant forms. Just simple, useful, and helpful surveys that allow you to better serve your audience.

Alex Hillman

”We’ve been asking questions with an onboarding survey for a while now, RightMessage alone has easily doubled the response rate. Now that there’s an opt-in at the end of those questions with RightMessage, 30-40% of the folks who answer are now signing up! ”

– Alex Hillman