Automatically segment your visitors based on what they're doing

Our behavioral segmentation engine lets you personalize your website and email content based on where people came from, what people are reading, the ad they clicked on, and more.

Step 1

Someone shows up to your website

There’s a ton we can infer about someone just based on what page they landed on originally and/or where they came from…

Step 2

We look at where they originally came from

Did they come from a referral link? If so, what kind of people read that website? Or maybe they clicked on an ad… what can we tell about the people that ad was targeting? Or did they search something on Google and land on an article on your blog? What problem does this article target?

Step 3

Categories of content are automatically tracked, allowing you to get an idea of what someone needs help with

If you’re using our WordPress plugin, we automatically track both the tags and categories of content people are reading. This allows us to develop a “leaderboard” of content, allowing you to automatically segment your readers based on the kind of content they’re reading most.

Step 4

Opt-ins, sales copy, testimonials and more are tailored in real-time

Even if you don’t plan on using our survey features, you can still personalize your site based on the behind-the-scenes behavioral segmentation we’re doing. As we learn more about your visitors, headlines, case studies, opt-ins, and really any content on your site can be personalized to make the visitor feel right at home.

Step 5

Everything is synced to your email marketing database

If the person we’re segmenting is already on your email list or a customer, we’ll sync what we learn up to their email record automatically in the background. And if they’re not yet on your email list, we’ll remember their segmentation until they opt-in (and then we’ll sync it all up.)

“It’s like you read my mind!”

Many of our customers have told us that they’ve received emails from their list praising them for how personal being on their email list and visiting their site feels.

We’re not reading minds, but our software does look at behavior and allows you to draw some conclusions based on actions. Subscribers reading articles on marketing probably are struggling with finding customers. New visitors landing on weight-loss articles probably want to lose weight. We just make it easy for you to give people a better experience based on what they’re telling you (…without them actually needing to tell you anything!)

Morgan Andrew

”I’ve been keeping up with RightMessage for over a year, and it just keeps. getting. better. There is not a better way to be relevant to your audience. And their CRM syncing is a thing of beauty, which you’ll never need to worry about after integrating. ”

– Morgan Andrew