Turn more of your subscribers into paying customers

Most websites are way too focused on anonymous visitors. Opt-in forms are everywhere – which doesn’t help all that much if you’re already an email list subscriber!

Step 1

Email list subscribers are automatically identified

When people who subscribe to your email list visit your website, we connect with your email marketing database and pull down their tags and custom fields.

Step 2

Your opt-in forms are replaced with relevant product pitches

Route returning subscribers to products or services that wouldn’t make sense to promote to anonymous visitors, but would be a good fit for someone already on your list. Better yet, if they’re already a customer promote products they haven’t yet bought.

Step 3

Using your segment data, you can further dial in your product pitches

If you’re using our WordPress plugin, we automatically track both the tags and categories of content people are reading. This allows us to develop a “leaderboard” of content, allowing you to automatically segment your readers based on the kind of content they’re reading most.

Marketers: We have a problem…

Have you ever received an email newsletter, clicked on a link, and then:

BAM! “Join my newsletter!” Popups, slide ups, everything is begging you to join their newsletter. All the while, you’re thinking: “…But didn’t you just email me a minute ago?”

RightMessage automatically solves this pervasive problem. Because we know when a returning email subscriber is back on your website, we can offer them something that’s actually useful – giving loyal visitors a better experience on your site, and boosting your sales (since you’re able to pitch a paid product instead of your email list.)

Morgan Andrew

”I’ve been keeping up with RightMessage for over a year, and it just keeps. getting. better. There is not a better way to be relevant to your audience. And their CRM syncing is a thing of beauty, which you’ll never need to worry about after integrating. ”

– Morgan Andrew