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Articles on Segmentation and Personalization

Segment-Aware Goal Tracking is going to give you a bird's eye view of how your segments accomplish key things on your website.

And using the real-time data we give you, you'll be able to address the potential customers of yours that you're ignoring right now.

There are a lot of things you could do to increase your sales funnel performance - run A/B tests, use chatbots, etc. - or, you could personalize your website to deliver a more relevant experience to individual site visitors. More relevance = higher conversions! And running a personalization campaign has a lower effort-to-impact ratio. 

What if you could easily get that data out of Facebook? What if you could use that data to make your website hyper-specific to the person who clicked through?

Learn how using trigger links and personalizing your sales page can double your conversions. 

This is a free sample lesson from the Personalization Masterclass.

Evergage performed a study that determined personalization is on the rise. Among some of the benefits of delivering a personalized experience are increased visitor engagement, improved customer experience, increased conversion rates, and more.

Segments are essentially smaller lists of subscribers made up of the same type of persona. They’re important because, by creating segments, you can then start to create more relevant offers for each specific group thereby increasing your chances of conversion.

Personalization just means tailoring the experience someone has with you. Amazon does it. Facebook does it. Every web app on the planet is personalized by showing just the content that’s related to your account.

Few marketing websites or blogs personalize though. And it’s probably because most people think of these things as static.

Want to get started personalizing your messaging?

What happens when you want that same level of personalization when the viewer is anonymous? How do you handle auto-determining who someone is based on their actions as they interact with your website and consume content? Introducing Smart Segments by RightMessage.

The easiest way to get someone’s attention is to speak to them and their needs, directly. In other words, make your content and marketing messages relevant, not to your overall readers, but rather, directly relevant to the individual person (or buyer persona) that’s reading. Increased relevance = more opt-ins!

If you haven't done any sort of personalization yet but what to... where should you start?

An overview of how RightMessage will develop segments automatically by looking at behavioral signals.

Personalization is nothing new. In this article, I share my thoughts on the future of marketing automation and personalization.

Interested in using personalization to turn more anonymous visitors into subscribers?

It's one thing to segment based on what someone's told you directly. But can you segment automatically?

What is segmentation, and how should you segment your audience?

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