We're helping deliver over 1,200,000+ personalized experiences a day. And we're just getting started.

Founded in 2018, the RightMessage team has been working toward helping website owners deliver better experiences to their everyone: new visitors from Google, returning subscribers, and their most loyal customers. If you’re looking to better understand your audience and deliver more personalized, more relevant experiences then you’re at the right place.

This really isn’t anything new.

Since the first humans started bartering with each other for food and goods, our species has been segmenting and personalizing. “Why might this person want what we’ve got? What’s in it for them? What will make them trade this for that?”

We started RightMessage because we wanted to find that middle ground between one-size-fits-all / say-the-same-thing-to-everyone mass marketing and one-to-one, individualized communication.

People want that thing that was seemingly made just for them, but unless you run a super niched website appealing to an individuals specific needs and wants has been really hard to accomplish.

For the last few years, thousands of companies have used RightMessage to segment their audience and personalize everything from their opt-in forms to their sales pages.

Shay Howe

”Personalized messaging shouldn’t start or stop with the communications we send to our customers, it should be carried throughout every interaction we have with them.

At ActiveCampaign, we’re using RightMessage to help power personalization across emails, webpages, and the many touch points in-between. And with the benefit of automation, you’re getting the right message to the right customer at the right time, every time! ”

– Shay Howe
Meet the RightMessage team
Brennan Dunn
Founder & CEO
Balint Korosi
Marketing and Support
David Joseph
Software Developer
Laura Elizabeth
Matthew Snider
Sales and Account Management

The principles that drive us:

We don’t use TextExpander

When we help out a customer, we’ll never send back a stock, scripted reply. If we need to dig a bit deeper before we can get back with anything conclusive, we’ll let them know (rather than leaving them in a lurch) and solve their problem as quickly as possible.

Companies pay us for results, not features

As tempting as it is (especially when someone writes in saying, “I’d use you if…”), we’re not going to compete on features. Other competitors often have more features, but in our mind the best WYSIWYG editor in the world doesn’t matter if the a returning subscriber is being nagged for their email address again.

We know it’s trite to say this, but our #1 KPI really is, “Will doing this help make our customers more successful?” RightMessage is built by marketers, and we’ve worked really hard (and done a lot of testing) to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need to increase your conversions across the board.

We’re not bootstrapped, but we act like it

When we started out, we raised money from friends who we knew would help us greatly. People like Nathan Barry (ConvertKit), Ankur Nagpal (Teachable), Chris Lema (LiquidWeb), Rob Walling (Drip), and more.

However, we haven’t taken venture capital (and we don’t plan to.) Our investors know our focus is on you, the customer. Not raising another round. Not getting acquired. Just building a good old fashioned business where customers pay us because they’re getting a lot more out of RightMessage than they’re putting into it.

Tomasz Banas

”RightMessage is not just another startup.

The team has been active in the growth marketing community for quite some time. All the ideas and features you will see inside of the RightMessage come out of their experience, successes, and – of course – frustrations.

What I love about the software is that the team are not focusing only on “how to use the tool” but they teach you how to make a bigger impact for your subscribers and customers. That’s exactly what we all need. ”

– Tomasz Banas