Personalize your sales pages

If you were trying to close a sale in person, you’d never say the exact same thing to everyone, right? So why are your online salespeople—your sales pages—doing exactly that?

Step 1

You have sales pages on your site

And rather than just pitching the same sales copy to everyone, RightMessage is going to dynamically create individual sales pages for each of your visitors.

Step 2

RightMessage knows who your visitors are and what they’ve bought

Our 2-way synchronization with your email marketing software means that we know who’s on your sales pages, what they’ve already bought, and more. We’ll use this data to create one-off experiences.

Step 3

Testimonials and other language are modified based on who someone is

Everyone wants to see themselves in your product. Depending on who’s reading and the industry they’re in, their job role, the sport they train for, or whatever else, you can show different case studies and testimonials that make them feel right at home with your product or service.

Step 4

How you describe, or position, your offer changes based on what someone needs

By taking into account what someone needs, you’ll be able to change how you phrase why they need what you’re offering. Beginners have different needs than more experienced people. Existing customers often don’t need to be told that you’re the real deal, but instead need to see how this relates to what they already bought from you.

Signal vs. Noise

People are impatient. They don’t want to need to wade through dozens of F.A.Q.s and paragraphs to help them answer: “But can this actually help me?”

With RightMessage, you’ll be able to easily point-and-click personalize entire sales pages. No code’s required to quickly build out a few different variations of your sales page to target your biggest segments, and it typically only takes a few minutes to set up.

Give your visitors exactly what they’re looking for, and help people cut through the noise to find the “signal” they need with the RightMessage visual personalizer.

Brian Clark

”Web personalization is the “next big thing” that will quickly become the expected norm – so get the jump on your competition. RightMessage is not only affordable, it also quickly pays for itself thanks to the proven spike in sales that you’ll experience thanks to personalizing your content and copy. ”

– Brian Clark