Integrating RightMessage with your ESP/CRM

RightMessage creates a two-way link between your website and your ESP/CRM of choice.

This link allows us to personalize your website based on tag, field, property, or list data you already have about a visitor on your website, along with deliver fully personalized visitor journeys using our CTA Funnel builder.

Additionally, as we collect segmentation data about visitors (either based on their on-site behavior, or answers to questions asked of them), RightMessage enriches contact records within your ESP/CRM, letting you send better, more personalized marketing emails.

ESP/CRMs we currently integrate with:

Are we missing an integration?

We’re working hard to continue adding additional ESP/CRMs to our list of integrations.

Unfortunately, adding a new integration isn’t always quick. Here’s why… Many form tools that integrate with various email platforms or CRMs simply take submitted information (like a name, email address, and phone number) and create a new record in those systems.

This means they’re only handling a single endpoint: the “create contact” API endpoint.

RightMessage integrations are significantly more involved. Because of how we identify returning subscribers to your website, we need to both pull visitor data down and push, sometimes incrementally, new segmentation data back up.

And this synchronization is handled continuously as someone moves around your website, which means that the APIs of the products we integrate with get a bit more battered than the ones that just get called when a contact form is filled out.

We are trying our best to roll out new integrations. It just takes a while because of all the complexity RightMessage integrations have compared to others.

If you’d like to request a particular integration, please let us know!

(We tend to prioritize integrations based on request volume, especially from active customers.)