Adding users to your account

You may want to add additional team members to help you manage an account in RightMessage. RightMessage allows you to add, manage and delete ‘members’ for any of the accounts you set up in your RightMessage admin area.

View the member area for an account

To view the members area for an account, navigate to the User Settings → Account area in your RightMessage admin.

In the list of Current Accounts, click the blue cog or gear icon button to review the settings for a specific account.

Account memberships 1

The member settings

Click the ‘Membership’ tab in the left sidebar for the account you are viewing.

Account memberships 2

  1. Invite new Members to your account
  2. Members listed that have been sent an invite, but have not yet set up their profile.
  3. Current Members of the selected account

Add a new member

Add the email address of the new member to the field provided and click the blue ‘Send Invitation’ button.

Account memberships 3

Your new member will receive an email inviting them to join your account.

Account memberships 4

Clicking the link in the email will direct the new member to the registration screens in RightMessage with prompts to add an email address, name and password.

When successfully submitted, the new member will be automatically logged in and redirected to the main dashboard area. The new member can now start making edits.

What level of access will members have?

People you invite as a member of a website account you own will be able to set up and log into their own user profile. That said, members will be able to perform a limited number of actions as a member of that account.

A list of permissions is listed below:

A member added to an account, where you are the primary account holder, will be able to:

  • Create, edit and delete campaigns, segments and goals.
  • Add and remove Email Service Provider integrations

A member will be able to perform the following in their User Settings area:

  • Update their profile name, email address and password.
  • ‘Leave’ an account they are a member of.

A member will not be able to:

  • Register a new website account(s) on the primary account holders behalf.
  • Any account(s) created by the member in their own ‘User Settings’ area will be associated with their user profile.
  • RightMessage will prompt the user to set up a plan on their account if they attempt to use the RightMessage features.
  • Cannot delete a website account they are a member of.
  • Cannot make any account or billing adjustments for an account they are a member of
  • Cannot adjust the details of the primary account holders profile (such as password resets, email changes, etc) for an account they are a member of.
  • Cannot invite new members to an account they are a member of.

Deleting a member or new member invitation

If you need to delete a member, or a new member invitation you can easily do that on the Membership screen.

Hover your mouse pointer over the member you wish to delete and click the red ‘X’ icon.

Account memberships 5

To delete an existing member, RightMessage will display a pop up message to confirm the deletion.

Click Yes, Remove to continue.

Account memberships 6

RightMessage will automatically remove the member from your account.


The members account will not be deleted and they will retain their user profile. However to continue using RightMessage, they will need to sign up for their own paid account.

Adding an existing RightMessage user to an account

If the member you are adding already has a RightMessage account, the invite to join your account will appear in the Accounts area of their user account.

Account memberships 7

Click the green tick button to accept the invitation, and the red ‘X’ icon to decline the invitation.

Next up

Reset your password

If you are unable to log into RightMessage and access the dashboard of your account, the main login screen has an option to recover your password.