How to segment visitors with CTA Funnel Surveys

RightMessage can allow your visitors to self-segment into a specific segment. This is achieved by asking them a question that’s displayed within a CTA Funnel widget.

A Question = A Segment Group

When you ask a question in RightMessage, you’re presenting the visitor with a set list of possible answers. When the visitor clicks on one of these answers, they’re actually placing themselves within a segment.

Within RightMessage, a question is a Segment Group. And an answer is a segment within that group.

This allows you to set up rather sophisticated segmentation set ups, where you’re able to try to automatically infer someone’s segmentation (i.e. business stage=not yet started if they originally landed on your /how-to-start-a-new-business page) which then falls back to asking the visitor to self-segment should you not be able to auto-segment.

It’s important to remember this, especially when you start working within CTA Funnels, because RightMessage only ever asks questions we don’t know the answer to already.

So if someone has previously given an answer in a previous visit or they’ve been auto-segmented or you already have this data for them in your ESP/CRM, they won’t be asked to answer the question associated with their current segmentation. Simply put, if you already know their industry we won’t try to ask them what industry they’re in.

If you’re coming from another form or survey tool that doesn’t have this context, this might initially make you think something strange is going on.


Because RightMessage remembers previously answered questions, you might be struggling to test the questions you’re asking in your CTA Funnels.

When testing fresh, try loading your website in an incognito browser instance. This ignores any cached data – including segmentation that RightMessage might have previously set.

Creating and editing questions

For more details about how to add questions to your website, check out our section on CTA Funnels.

This is technically where you’ll be actually taking a Segment Group / Question and presenting it to your visitors to self-segment themselves / answer your question.

Next up

Automatically segmenting by on-site behavior or available data

RightMessage includes a powerful framework for segmenting visitors.