A Quick and Easy NPS Survey For Existing Customers

Get More Referrals

This recipe targets existing customers when they're back on your site, asks them what they think of you/your brand, and then presents an offer specific to their feedback.

Setup time: 10-20 minutes

Step 1: Target existing customers

First, we're going to either create a new CTA Funnel (or modify an existing funnel) and target just returning visitors who are customers.

Add a "Split by yes/no decision" that filters out just returning customers. Choose whatever tag you use in your email marketing database to segment out customers.

Step 2: Ask customers what they think about you

Now we're going to ask people a question with three possible answers.

How about: "Hey again! How likely are you to recommend RightMessage to a friend or colleague?"

Instead of asking people to grade you on a scale from 0-10, we're going to keep it simple:

  • "I'd definitely recommend RightMessage" – these are Promoters
  • "I might, though I'm not sure sure" - these are Passives
  • "I probably wouldn't recommend RightMessage" - these are Detractors

When a customer answers this question, we'll store their response in their subscriber record in your email marketing database.

Step 3: Get happy customers to refer you, otherwise find out what you can do better

Next, we want to show a specific offer based on how someone answered.

  • If they're a promoter, we want to ask them to join our affiliate program.
  • If they're passive, we'd like them to take a quick survey that will help us figure out how we can make RightMessage exactly what they need it to be.
  • If they're a detractor, we want them to tell us exactly where we're dropping the ball – and let them know the CEO will read their response

To do this, we're going to have a separate offer for each answer path. Each offer will link to a different URL (the link to join the affiliate program, or a Typeform survey for the latter two.)

This is easy to do with RightMessage. Under each answer, create an offer.

Promoters will be offered:

Passives will be offered:

Detractors will be offered:

Step 4: Follow-up over email

We're also going to want to make sure that email campaigns are sent out to customers who have completed our satisfaction survey.

And because we're using our email marketing database as our "single source of truth", Typeform responses and affiliate program signup data will be piped into our email marketing database – allowing us to gently nudge customers toward the goal we have for them (e.g. joining the affiliate program) until they actually complete that goal.

This step is dependent on your email marketing tool of choice, but it should be relatively easy to setup an automation for each possible answer, and have the email sequences terminate automatically when the desired goal is reached.