Let’s say you have a website with a bunch of free content on it, and you sell courses or coaching. Where would you start with personalized marketing?

In this recipe, we’re going to find out more about who’s on your list and what they need from you. This segment data will help you send more personalized emails, and also allow you to personalize your product sales pages.

We’re also going to make sure returning subscribers and customers don’t see your opt-in forms. When a subscriber is back on your site, we’ll look to see what they’ve bought (by looking at their tags in your email database) and pitch them on a specific product or service.


Start segmenting your audience, and use segmentation data to personalize your newsletter opt-in. Stop showing opt-in forms to returning subscribers/customers.


A deeper understanding into who’s on your list and what they need from you, along with increased downfunnel sales by pitching products/services to returning subscribers.

Your website's funnel:
What your visitors see