How Successful Fashion Designer Was Able To Remove Hundreds Of Forms (And Turn 7.8% Of Visitors Into Subscribers)

The Problem
Sew Heidi had a one-site-fits-all series of lead magnet forms strewn across her website.
What Helped
She set up a centralized CTA Funnel in RightMessage that delivered the right lead magnet to each visitor.
The Payoff
Associating lead magnets with content is now a no-brainer, and personalized lead forms have 2x'ed opt-ins.

Sew Heidi of reached out a few months ago to get a demo of RightMessage.

And shortly thereafter, she’d replaced a hot mess of ActiveCampaign forms that were littered across her site with a consolidated CTA Funnel powered by RightMessage.

Here’s a bit about her business, the “pain” that led her to seek out a replacement to her ActiveCampaign forms, and how things are going a few months in.

The Challenge: Managing a lot of forms is a total pain

Before switching to RightMessage, Heidi had a few hundred forms set up in ActiveCampaign.

Each of these forms was attached to a single blog post on her website, and this allowed her to track how well each post turned readers into subscribers.

This meant that every new article published to the website required creating a new form and adding its code directly to the WordPress article. Doing this was not only frustrating – it was also brittle.

The Sew Heidi website

There were quite a few different things people could opt-in to, also.

She and her team had created 15 different lead magnets, ranging from Adobe Illustrator shortcuts to an ebook on creating résumés. A massive spreadsheet was needed to map out what each form was pitching (the lead magnet) and where it appeared on the website.

And while she had an idea of who somebody might be based on the lead magnet they opted-in for, she was by no means certain.

She tried adding segmentation links in her onboarding emails, but the results were lackluster:

”Adding segmentation links in emails gets you some data, maybe just 3% or so of subscribers on my list clicked one of those links. RightMessage’s segmentation has been really great because now that is ‘stuck’ with their contact information and we can use that easily in our email marketing.”

– Sew Heidi, Successful Fashion Designer

The Solution: Setting up a central CTA Funnel to manage forms and lead magnets

What drew her to switching to RightMessage was how we approached forms.

Rather than a bunch of random forms, that each had different copy and submission actions, it was our centralized approach to tracking who should be offered what, and personalization of lead forms, that won her over.

”Ultimately our forms are already converting when our content and opt-in forms are not tailored to the visitor. But, we asked ourselves, what could happen if they were tailored?

– Sew Heidi, Successful Fashion Designer

She installed our WordPress plugin, which allowed RightMessage to have an idea of the type of content a visitor was reading.

This then allowed her to set up a single CTA Funnel that simply looked at reading behaviors and recommended a lead magnet based off what someone was doing on the website.

She also configured RightMessage to first ask new visitors about what their most interested in:

  • Jobs in fashion
  • Freelancing in fashion
  • My own fashion brand

This segment data would then be immediately used to redescribe the relevant lead magnet to speak a little more directly to the reader.

Form content personalization

This meant that if someone were reading an article that should promote her “Tech Pack”…

  • Those seeking a job in fashion would see: “Want to create professional tech packs to impress hiring managers? Great! Get the free Tech Pack Guide (with TEMPLATES!) so you can land your dream job
  • Others seeking to freelance in fashion would see: “Want to create professional tech packs to make more money freelancing? Great! Get the free Tech Pack Guide (with TEMPLATES!) so you can offer your clients more services
  • And if you wanted to start your own fashion brand, you would see: “Want to create professional tech packs to save time + money in manufacturing? Great! Get the free Tech Pack Guide (with TEMPLATES!) so factories don’t take advantage of you

Personalized homepage hero

It was this segmentation and personalization of lead magnets that led to the following results…

The Result: 2x more subscribers, 100% subscriber segmentation

Remember how Heidi shared that just 3% of her subscribers were sharing their goal with her?

With RightMessage, that number is now 100%.

This has given her a wealth of information about the subscribers who are joining her list. Where before she had an assumption of who was subscribing, she now knows that:

  • 52.7% of subscribers are building their own brand
  • 24.5% are seeking a job in fashion
  • 22.9% are freelancing

”[Targeting job seekers and freelancers] has been our focus for a really long time. But now that we’re collecting this data and… we’re learning, but it’s honestly just jaw dropping. A part of me is feeling like, ‘Oh God, we should have been doing this from the beginning.’”

– Sew Heidi, Successful Fashion Designer

RightMessage automatically tracks how different segments convert, so with no fuss or additional set up her team now knows exactly how different types of people opt-in relative to each other.

The opt-in split

Beyond the new email marketing and website personalization superpowers that this segmentation data gives Heid, she’s also generating significantly more opt-ins each day – helping her reach her goal of $250k/year faster than she expected.

Where before she was getting about 4% of visitors to opt-in to one of her lead magnets, the curated approach to personalization RightMessage gave her now has 7.8% of visitors subscribing!

Sew Heidi overall stats

In real terms, she’s adding about 2,700 new subscribers a month to her list. Before RightMessage, this was closer to 1,300. (If there’s one downside to how she’s using RightMessage, it’s that she’ll end up paying ActiveCampaign more for a bigger list because of us!)

We asked Heidi what she’d tell someone in a similar situation to she was who was weighing going through the effort of switching from another opt-in tool to RightMessage:

”It will take you, at most, an hour or two to learn how it all works and get set up. Do I think it’s worth the effort?

Absolutely. We’re getting twice as many subscribers a day, and we know what each person is uniquely wanting from us. We haven’t started to use this information in all the ways we could just yet, but once we’re ready to heavily personalize we’ll have the segment data that’s needed ready to go.”

– Sew Heidi, Successful Fashion Designer