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RightMessage Weekly Workshop

Before you run your first web personalization campaign you need to understand WHO you're personalizing for. 

So you start by creating segments (or groups) of personas that make up your ideal customer. Once you know who you're trying to reach, you can send them targeted messages and deliver a personalized experience. 

During our weekly workshop, we'll share strategies for segmenting your list, getting started with RightMessage, and share case-studies for how to start converting with personalization. 

April 4th: Getting Started With RightMessage

April 11th: Segmenting Essentials & Targeting Segments In RightMessage

April 18th: Personalization Case-Studies & Examples

April 25th: Website Teardowns: Submit Your Site for Review & Q&A

Live Event
April 11th 02:00 PM Eastern time
You'll be joined by...