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How to Double Your List Size (and Sales) by Personalizing Your Landing Pages

Let's say 1,000 people land on your newsletter or registration page. Now, let's say 50 of those people sign up for your email list. Of those 50 who sign up, 1 of them makes a purchase. 

That's a 5% opt-in conversion rate and a 2% optin-to-sales conversion rate. 

Now, what if you could improve your opt-in rate by just 3%? So instead of 50 out of 1,000 people signing up when they land on your page, 80 people sign up. And what if you could increase your sales page conversion rate by half a percent (to 2.5%). 

Join us for a one-hour live training and learn how to increase your opt-ins and sales by making your landing page + sales sequence more personal and relevant.

Live Event
April 26th 12:00 PM Eastern time
You'll be joined by...
and Bronson Taylor
Bronson Taylor