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The easiest way to segment your website traffic.

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Here's how it works...
Step 1
Add our tracking script to your website
We'll then connect directly to your email marketing app or CRM, and make it possible to start surveying your traffic.
Step 2
Add a few questions and answers
We'll only ask questions we don't already know the answers to, and your visitors can segment themselves with just a click.
Step 3
Sync answers up to your CRM
If the current visitor is already in your database, we'll sync that data up immediately. If they're anonymous, we'll remember their answers and sync to your CRM once they opt-in.
Step 4
Better understand your audience
Get a high-level view of the composition of your visitors. What industries are people in? What's their job role? What are their most pressing needs?
"Web personalization is the “next big thing” that will quickly become the expected norm -- so get the jump on your competition. RightMessage is not only affordable, it also quickly pays for itself thanks to the proven spike in sales that you’ll experience thanks to personalizing your content and copy."
Brian Clark - Copyblogger