Thanks for letting us know what's holding you back!

At RightMessage, we're all about making sure that you're receiving only the information most relevant to you.

Understanding that price is a concern for you helps us to make sure that we address what matters most to you as an individual — not as just another anonymous visitor.   

While you were here, we just sent you another email (check your inbox) to talk a bit more about your concern. We don't want the cost of RightMessage to get in the way of you starting to intelligently increase your conversions. 

Let's figure this out together!  

I'd also like to suggest that you check out Value My Funnel. It's a free tool that will help you understand what a visitor, lead and customer are worth to your business. 

Even better, using your data along with the aggregate data we've collected from businesses like yours, we'll show you the impact that personalization marketing can have on your revenue. In the end, you'll receive a full report as well as a 10-lesson course that's personalized just for you. 

Did I mention that it's free? :) 

Cheers, and thanks again!

- RightMessage Team

P.S. Did you notice that even though you could have clicked any of the 4 options in the email, this page (with a generic URL) happened to address the one you choose? It wasn't magic ... that's RightMessage in action!