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Smart Segment


Our segmentation engine lets you combine behavioral data, demographic information, and any relationship data you keep in your email marketing app or CRM to create segments your campaigns can target.

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Smart groups (coming soon)

Segmentation isn’t always black and white. Just because someone is behaving like a specific persona doesn’t necessarily mean they identify as that persona.

Our segment scoring engine gives you the power to create personalization campaigns that aren’t as heavy-handed when you think somebody might belong to a segment but become more explicit when we’re more confident they belong to a segment.

Reuse your segments across all your campaigns

Once you define a segment, you can use that segment across your entire RightMessage account when setting up new campaigns or reviewing your personalization reports.

Segment by Referrer

Our behavioral engine allows you to segment incoming traffic by the site (or page) that referred them so that you can personally greet them.

Segment by Landing Page

While Google doesn’t send over the keywords somebody searched for any longer, the page they landed on originally speaks volumes about what they were looking for.

Segment by Behavior

What kind of content are people engaging with? What key pages has somebody visited (or not visited)?

Segment by Ad Campaign

The most effective ad campaigns have one unique landing page per ad creative. However, in practice, managing a portfolio of landing pages is pretty aggravating. With RightMessage, a single landing page can tailor itself based on the ad that brought someone to you.

Segment by Affiliate

If you’re having affiliates promote a product or lead magnet of yours, targeted language that speaks to the audience that affiliate attracts will dramatically boost your affiliate conversions.

Segment by Relationship

Our deep integrations with major email service providers (ESPs) and CRMs make it easy to target people based on tag or custom field data you store about them, along with purchase history, quiz results, and more.

"Holy crap this is awesome. Took me all of 5 minutes to set up a customized home page for our target user segment."
Ryland King