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ROI Reports

We want you to know exactly what effect RightMessage is having on your bottom line. It’s not enough for us to make you think, “this is cool!” We want you to know that you’re investing your budget and time correctly.

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Never question, “Is this worth it?”

Easily define goals – like a visitor opting in, a purchase, a webinar registration, or more – and tie these goals to your personalization campaigns.

We’ll hold back a percentage of your traffic from being personalized and show you exactly what the conversion rate difference is between personalized and non-personalized traffic.

Who are your MVPs?

We won’t just show you your conversion rates. We’ll show you how each of your segments stacks up against the other.

You’ll be able to identify the most valuable personas and segments, which will help you better focus your marketing effort on acquiring more of them.

...And who needs some extra love?

You’ll also see what personas and segments aren’t converting well. That typically means that something is being lost – they’re not quite sure that you can really help them.

You can then better personalize the experience your least performant segments have on your website. More relevance = more conversions.

"RightMessage helped me increase my registration page conversion rate by 47%, which led to hundreds of new signups and thousands in new sales almost overnight. An absolute no brainer!"
Tom Morkes -