Stop Pitching Your Newsletter Opt-in To Subscribers

User Experience
Convert Subscribers Into Customers

Have you ever received an email newsletter... clicked a link to the author's latest blog post... and been hit with a giant form asking for your email address? This recipe ensures only anonymous visitors get your newsletter.

Setup time: <5 minutes

Step 1: Pitch anonymous visitors on your newsletter

First, create a CTA Funnel in RightMessage.

At the top of your newly created funnel, add a "Split by yes/no decision".

Choose "Anonymous" under the section for your email marketing app, and click save.

Anonymous visitors (that is, people who aren't on your email list) will go down the Yes path, and returning subscribers and customers will go down the No path.

On the Yes path, pitch a new offer. This will be your newsletter.

Set this offer up to collect emails and add some compelling opt-in copy.

Step 2: Don't pitch returning subscribers

For the No path, we're going to tell the CTA Funnel to not pitch anything to returning subscribers or customers.

Step 3: Publish to your site, and you're done!

You're almost there. Here's what this simple funnel looks like:

Finally, just setup where you'd like to pitch your newsletter to anonymous people. You'll create a few widgets, like a sticky bar across your entire site and an inline opt-in after each blog post, and RightMessage will make sure these widgets only ever get shown if someone's anonymous.

That's it! Click "Publish to site" to add this CTA Funnel to your website.

(Realistically, you'll want to do something else with returning subscribers – like point them to a product or service they don't own just yet. But we wanted to keep this recipe easy-peasy simple, so be sure to check out our other recipes for returning subscriber/customer ideas.)