Recapture Abandoned Purchases (inspired by Jason Zook)

Creates More Customers
Increases Revenue

This recipe targets visitors who have visited a product page but didn't buy. We'll first ask them why they didn't buy, and then depending on their answer we'll personalize how we pitch them to complete the transaction.

Setup time: 5-10 minutes

Step 1: Create a funnel that targets people who view a product page

In this recipe, I'm going to walk you through setting up a CTA Funnel that targets someone who visited a product or service page but didn't end up buying.

First, we're going to create a new CTA Funnel in RightMessage.

This funnel is only going to target people who have visited /my-course in the last 7 days and haven't been tagged "Purchased - DYFRate". Since you're probably already tagging people who buy from you in your email marketing database, we can just look to see if they have the tag that gets applied when someone buys.

Cool! We have a super simple check in place that's going to make sure that only the right people are promoted this course.

Step 2: Ask visitors why they didn't buy

Now we're going to quickly survey visitors wherever they are on our site.

This means that if they went to our course, bailed, and are now reading our blog sometime in the next week, we're going to try to lure them back over to the course.

We're going to ask a simple question: "Hey! I saw you checked out my course. Can you let me know why you didn't buy?"

Here's what this looks like when displayed in a popup widget:

Are they a subscriber? If so, let's make sure their answer gets sent up to our email marketing database. This way we can send an email campaign that tries to get them to buy the course (and focuses on the objection they had.)

Finally, we're going to tweak how we word (or even, what we pitch) someone based on how they answer our question.

Almost there! Now we just need to add the actual offers we'll be pitching.

Step 3: Pitch a personalized offer that leads them back to the product

We could pitch the same offer ("Hey! Saw you checked out my course. You should go back and buy it!") for everyone who visited your course's sales page in the last week.

...But that's not going to be nearly as effective as responding to why someone didn't end up buying.

We're going to create three simple offers:

  1. If the course was too expensive, we'll offer someone a discount coupon.
  2. If someone answered that they don't have time, we'll talk about how they get lifetime access to the course and can go through it at their own pace.
  3. If they're not sure it'll work for them, we'll mention that we offer a full money-back guarantee.

Under each answer path, we're going to create a new offer:

Here's what the offer for anyone who thought they don't have the time to complete your course might see:

All that's needed is to create two other offers: one for those who think your course is too expensive, and the other to those who don't trust it can help them.

Once you've done that, here's what your final CTA Funnel would look like:

Finally, you're going to want to decide how you survey people who didn't buy your course. In this example, I want to have an inline after each of my blog posts and a popup toaster shown everywhere on my site:

Now, click "Publish to site" and you're done!

RightMessage will track who visits your product page and doesn't buy. When they're back on your site, we'll ask them why they didn't buy, and present a specific pitch based on their primary objection.