Find Out What Visitors Need, And Pitch The Perfect Newsletter Opt-in

Build Your List Faster

Want more visitors to turn into newsletter subscribers? In this recipe, we'll find out a bit about what a visitor is specifically looking for, and then tailor how we pitch your newsletter opt-in to make it super compelling.

Setup time: 5-10 minutes

Step 1: Determine the WHY... what does someone need your help with?

First, create a new CTA Funnel.

The first thing we'll do is to ask a question: What can I/we help you with?

We want to figure out what is it they're looking for. And then we'll use that data to change how we promote our newsletter.

OK, let's ask your "Why" question:

In this example, I want to know if they're looking to start, grow, or sell a business:

Step 2: Tailor how you pitch your newsletter opt-in to align with their needs

We could say that if someone wants to start a business, we'll give them our "Getting started" lead magnet, and for those who want to grow our "Scale your business" ebook, etc., but let's keep things simple.

Anonymous visitors will all get the same lead magnet: your email newsletter opt-in.

Next, we're going to make sure that this is only ever pitched to anonymous people. Add a yes/no decision node targeting anonymous traffic:

Then we're going to add a newsletter opt-in pitch for anonymous traffic:

Create your generic newsletter opt-in offer. Here's an example:

Here's where things get fun...

We're going to use RightMessage to swap out the "get my best content" bit of text dependent on the answer to the WHY question we asked.

  • Want to start a business? "and learn how to start your business right, delivered..."
  • Want to grow a business? "and get everything you need to scale your business, delivered..."
  • Want to sell a business? "and get your business ready to sell, delivered..."

We won't need to create multiple offers. The same offer can be used, and RightMessage can take care of swapping out the right bits of text.

Simply select the text you want to change:

Click "Personalize" and select the question ("Why") that you previously asked the visitor:

Specify how "get my best content" should change depending on how someone answered your Why question:

...And that's it!

You now just need to decide how and where you ask this question and pitch your newsletter. We'll keep it simple: at the end of blog post (with an inline) and as a sticky top bar across your entire site:

And if you setup ESP Sync on your Why question, we'll make sure that RightMessage stores what we've learned about them in their new subscriber record once they opt-in to your list:

Think you have a simple site that has a simple lead magnet (an email opt-in)? Spend a few minutes setting up this recipe, and you'll not only grow your list faster (because it's clearer how joining your email list will help them with whatever problem(s) they have) and you'll collect more data about your new subscribers, allowing you to send even more personalized email campaigns.