Lead Generation For Law Firms

Replace your stale contact forms with forms that reflect the specific needs of a visitor.

Most law firms practice many different types of law. And in this example, we’re finding out what specific need a website visitor has and then using that to adapt how we pitch them.

We’re also looking at how immediate someone’s needs are. If they’re looking for help right now, we’ll push them to a personalized contact form. If soon-ish, a relevant webinar. And if they’re just browsing around, we’ll get them on our newsletter.


Qualify potential leads and personalize contact forms across the website based on the type of legal help they need.


Segmentation based on the type of legal need someone has and how immediately they’re looking to get started, which then pitches them on a specific and personalized contact form, webinar invite, or newsletter opt-in.

Your website's funnel:
What your visitors see