Mastering ConvertKit's Sales Page Funnel

When he’s not helping run RightMessage, co-founder Brennan Dunn also sells online courses. On the sales page for Mastering ConvertKit, he’s pitching non-customers on a free lesson.

Rather than just showing a standard opt-in form, a few things are happening. First, the pitch isn’t being shown to anyone who’s already a customer or downloaded the free lesson.

Additionally, he’s asking whether the visitor currently uses ConvertKit. And if they are, how familiar they are with the platform. And if they’re not, how come. This data combines to display a personalized opt-in.

Once they’ve opted in for the lesson, Brennan’s also using the segment data he’s collected to send a more focused series of emails (because someone who’s already pretty sophisticated with ConvertKit has a very different need for the course than someone who hasn’t even signed up yet.)


Get non-customers to download a relevant free lesson from the course, and learn more about them and their familiarity with ConvertKit in the process.


About 11% of anonymous non-customers are opting in for the free lesson. 56% already use ConvertKit, the other 44% don’t yet. This data is helping shape the follow-up and pitch sequences, and overal sales are up about 8% so far.

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