6. Using goals to track the progress of your campaigns | RightMessage

Using goals to track the progress of your campaigns

To track the conversions of your personalizations, goals in RightMessage will collect data you can evaluate.

Tracking and optimizing your campaign can help you make smart decisions on how to adjust or further personalize your website.

Goals can be configured to track when visitors click a button, view a page or submit a form.

Creating a new goal

There are two ways that you can create a goal in RightMessage dashboard.

You can either click ‘Goals’ in the admin bar (used to create goals you can assign to a campaign later), or alternatively click the pink ‘Set Up Goal Tracking’ button to set up a goal for a specific campaign.

Select to ‘Define A New Goal

Add a name for the campaign and click the yellow ‘Save’ button.

RightMessage will automatically create the new goal and will redirect you to the personalization area for you to begin selecting the events you want to track in your goal.

To track if a CTA button has been clicked based on personalizations made for Anonymous or Subscriber segments, we can set up a goal to track ‘clicks a certain link’.

To add a new conversion event to track, click the toggle arrow icon beside ‘Set Up Conversion Events’. Select the ‘clicks a certain link’ option displayed in the drop down.

Use the pink highlighter to select a link you want to track.

To make sure your new goal is saved, click the ‘Publish’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

RightMessage is now tracking the conversions for the campaign where a CTA button is adjusted for subscribers and anonymous visitors

Once data is collected, you will be able to see the conversion breakdown across the two segments.

Lean more

Other type of goals you can track:

  • Successful submission of a registration form

  • Submissions of an opt-in form that grows your email list

  • Submission of an application form.

  • Clicking a link/button for a special product promotion

  • Clicking a buy button on landing or pricing pages

  • Amount of times a page is viewed from a guest post link

  • Pages viewed via links added to social media posts.