Tracking the performance of RightAsk | RightMessage

Tracking the performance of RightAsk

Once RightAsk has been published, a dashboard tab will be added to the RightAsk area.

The performance goals in RightAsk allows you to use the data to make smart decisions to help you better understand your website visitors and personalize their website experience.

The dashboard will itemise each question that you are currently asking and monitors when a visitor sees the question and the answer they clicked on.

Once data is collected, you will be able to monitor the breakdown across all of the segments you have added an answerfor.

The RightAsk dashboard will refresh the data every 24 hours from the time RightAsk was first published.

Hover over the data to display how many visitors clicked on a specific answer.

Personal Panda says:

At this time it is not possible to assign additional goals created in the 'Goal' area of your RightMessage admin, to RightBar or RightAsk.