Create, edit and delete segment groups | RightMessage

Create, edit and delete segment groups

Segment Groups are the foundational component to your personalizations in RightMessage

Segment groups determine the types of conditions required to be met in order for a visitor, subscriber, member or customer to see the personalizations you add to a website.

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Creating a new segment group

In your RightMessage dashboard for the website you are personalizing, click ‘Segments’ in the admin bar.

In the left sidebar, click the ‘+’ icon to create a new segment group.

Personal Panda says:

The segment area in RightMessage does not replace the tools you use for managing tags/segments in your ESP/CRM account. If you have not created a RightMessage segment yet, this area will appear blank when you first navigate to this area.

Select the type of segment your new segment group will be used for.

For the segment type selected, complete the additional fields required (you will be able to edit this information once the segment group has been created).


Referrers/Traffic sources

Customer Lifecycle stages

  1. Toggle to activate or deactivate the segment.

  2. Click the segment name to edit the name.

  3. Use the drop downs and fields to set up the conditions for the segment


Click the yellow ‘Create Segment Group’ button once the fields have been completed.

The new segment group will be saved and automatically appear in the left sidebar.

Publish the new segment group.

To make sure your new segment group is saved, click the colored ‘Publish’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

How to change the segment group name

Once the segment group has been created, you can edit the segment group name.

To change the name of the segment group, click on the segment group name in the main segment editing screen.

Edit the existing name or add a new name in the field provided.

Click the yellow ‘save’ button to save the new name.

Once you have saved the new segment group name, make sure to click ‘Publish’ in the top right of the screen to save the new changes.

How to delete a segment group

If you no longer need a segment group for your personalizations, you can delete the segment group.

To delete a segment segment, click the cog/gear icon beside the segment group name.

Click the red 'Delete Segment Group Button.

Before the segment group is deleted, an alert box will appear to confirm that you want to delete the segment. Click ‘OK’ to continue.

RightMessage will delete the segment group.

Click the ‘Publish’ button to save the changes.