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Email Marketing Subscribers And Tags

The email marketing subscriber and tag conditions work behind the scenes to quality if a visitor is a subscriber and if they have a specific ‘tag’ or ‘custom field’ added to their subscriber profile.

For example, you may want to personalize your site when a visitor to your site is already a subscriber.

In order for the email marketing service conditions to work, you must first integrate your RightMessage account with one of the following email marketing services:

  • InfusionSoft

  • ConvertKit

  • ActiveCampaign

  • Drip

Learn more on integrating an email marketing service to RightMessage

Once you have set up your email marketing service to integrate with RightMessage, and created a way for users to join your list, you can then set up conditions in a segment.

Select An Email Marketing Service Parameter

Use the drop down provided to select a parameter for the email marketing service.

Personal Panda says:

A custom field can also be synced to your ESP if a subscriber does not have this field and/or value associated in their subscriber profile - learn more on how to use the ‘Sync To’ tool.

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Use the drop down to select to include or don’t include specific tag(s).

Click inside the value field. A list of current tags will display. Alternatively, start typing in the field to see an ‘autosuggest’ of matching tags. Select one or more tags for the value.

To delete a tag, click on the tag and hit the ‘delete’ key on your keyboard.

Personal Panda says:

If you rename a tag in your Active Campaign account, be sure to update the tags in your RightMessage segments to match.

Custom Fields

Use the drop down to select to the name of a custom field created in your email marketing service.

Select a keyword that will test the ‘truth’ of the custom field and whether it is true or false.

  1. Equals: The custom field equals a specific value

  2. Doesn’t equal: The custom field does not equal a specific value

  3. Contains: The custom field contains a specific value

  4. Doesn’t contain: The custom field does not contain a specific value

  5. Starts With: The custom field value starts with something specific

  6. Ends With: The custom field value ends with something specific

  7. Wildcard Match: The custom field has a value that matches zero or more non-space characters, or one exact character.

Add a value for the custom field to the field provided.


In the example below: Does a subscriber have a custom field associated with their profile named ‘motivation’ that equals ‘lose_weight’?

If yes, then the condition is true and applies to the subscriber. If no, the condition will not apply to the subscriber.

Wildcard Match examples

In the below example, does a subscriber have a custom field associated with their profile named ‘motivation’, that matches any word starting with ‘*lose’?

Such as lose_weight, lose_fat etc


Does a subscriber have a custom field associated with their profile named ‘motivation’, that matches any words  with three or more characters matching ‘?lo’

This will only match three-letter words starting with lo, such as lose, loose, lost, and so on.