Troubleshooting | RightMessage

Common RightAsk Issues

After adding and publishing RightAsk on your website, you may encounter one of the below issues.

To help you troubleshoot any potential problems with RightAsk, we've included common issues and recommendations below.

"Not syncing up to..." message appearing on RightAsk segments

When navigating to the 'Segments' area in the RightMessage admin area, you may see the following message showing in your segments.

If you wish to sync the RightAsk to your ESP, you will need to make sure your segments have a custom field condition added to the segment.

The sync feature does not work with your ESP tags.

Open up the segment and add a Custom Field condition to the segment. The message will change to green once the options for the custom field condition have been completed.

RightAsk answers are not syncing to my subscribers in Drip

When logged into Drip, and viewing a subscriber profile that has answered the questions, you may notice the custom fields have not been added to their profile?

Make sure that Drip custom fields are set to 'Public'.

Once the custom fields have been set to public, the answers will sync with the subscriber profile the next time they visit your website.