Different types Of personalizations for your website | RightMessage

Personalizing your website

The Personalization editing tool in the campaign area is where you can make adjustments to various elements on your website.

Using the personalization editing tool you can change various elements on different pages of your site, such as change headlines or paragraph text, replace images, and change where CTA buttons on your site lead a visitor to.

Not only that, you can also change the appearance of your website to change what color a button has, add backgrounds to text that you want to stand out in your content, swap the 'Hero' background image on your home page, and much more.

Use the links below to view step-by-step instructions that walk you through different ways you can personalize your site, change what content is being shown to your different segments, adjust the look and feel of your website for different visitors and make quick changes on the fly when personalizations need to be adjusted.