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Campaign Recipe: Personalize based on the site the visitor came from

Depending on where your visitor has come from, you may want to personalize specific elements of your website to not only welcome those visitors to your site, but to help them navigate to the information and offers that are relevant to them.

In your campaign creation area in RightMessage has provided a ‘recipe’ to quickly set up the various components required that will targets visitors arriving on your site from one or more websites.

How to setup and configure the website referral campaign recipe

In your RightMessage admin area, click ‘Dashboard’ to navigate to the campaign creation area.

If this is your first campaign, click the yellow ‘Create A Campaign’ button.

If you are creating an additional campaign, click the ‘Start a new campaign’ button.

In the campaign creation screen locate the ‘Personalize based on the site a visitor came from’ recipe and click the gray ‘Use This Recipe’ button.

Tip: Click the arrow beside ‘Start a new campaign’ if you need to exit the campaign creation screen.

Complete the required fields provided for this recipe.

For the ‘Personalize based on the site a visitor came from’ campaign, select an existing segment group or create a new one.

  1. Set up a new segment group (if required)

  2. Select from an existing segment group. The segments belonging to that segment group will display under the dropdown field.

  3. Click ‘Set Up Campaign’ once done.

Setting up a new segment group

If you have not set up a segment before, click the grey ‘Set up a new group of referrers’ button.

  1. Add a website URL

  2. Add a name to describe the URL.

  3. Click in the box to add multiple URL’s

  4. Click the trash can icon to delete any referrer URL’s from the new segment group.

Once you create the ‘Set Up Campaign’ button, RightMessage will automatically create the new campaign and redirect you to the campaign editing area for you to begin personalizing the website.

To make sure your new campaign is saved, click the ‘Publish’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

RightMessage will save the new campaign.

If you want to track the campaign, click the yellow ‘Yes. Click This Campaign’ button to assign a goal to the campaign.

Learn more about creating a goal here.

Examples of a personalizing a website referral campaign.

Elements you may want to adjust for this campaign could include one or more of the below:

  • Changing the text of your home page tagline

  • Changing the text and URL destination of a ‘Call To Action’ button or menu item

  • Showing/hiding or editing an opt in form

To start personalizing for your campaign, locate an element want to adjust.

A pink outline will highlight the area of the element and the type of element it is - such as a link, headline, paragraph, list item, image, form etc.

Click on the element and click the option to ‘Start Personalizing This Link’.

Use the editing box to make any necessary changes to the text, destination URL, visibility or styles of the element.

To learn more about using the personalization editing tool here.

Apply the personalization to multiple pages on your website

If your personalization is going to show on more than one page, click ‘Affected Pages’ to add multiple URL slugs.

Personal Panda says:

For ‘parent’ pages where there are associated ‘child’ pages, use an asterisk in the slug field. This is called a ‘wildcard’ - e.g. blog/* - where all child pages of the blog page - e.g. blog/member-posts/ - will be affected by the personalization

For pages where there are multiple elements you want to apply the changes to, change what element a personalization applies to, or add customizations to more specific elements on the page, click ‘Affected Elements’.

Note: You can create personalizations for multiple segments and pages of your website.

Click the ‘Publish’ button in the top right of the screen once you are done.