How to sync segments to ESPs | RightMessage

How to sync segments to ESPs

RightMessage offers a Sync feature that scans through your segments for any custom field conditions, and automatically assign the custom field(s) to the subscribers profile.

This feature is useful if you want to track where a visitor has come from, and they subsequently subscribed to an email list.

Personal Panda says:

The 'Sync' feature will sync custom field(s) with existing subscribers only. 

The 'Anonymous' condition cannot be used to automatically add a visitor and sync custom fields in your ESP/CRM. 

Set up A segment with a custom field

Click on ‘Segments’ in the RightMessage admin bar.

Click on the Segment Group, or create a new Segment Group.

In the segment group editing area, click on a segment tab to reveal the current conditions, or create a new segment.

Select the ‘Custom Field’ for your email marketing service as the condition type in the drop down provided. Additional fields will automatically display for you to define the values of the ‘Custom Field’ condition.

Use the drop down to select to the name of a custom field created in your email marketing service.

Personal Panda says:

In order to use the sync feature, the custom field needs to be already created in your email marketing service, RightMessage is not able to create the custom field.

If you are using the Drip service, the custom field also needs to be set to ‘Public'.

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Select a keyword that will test the ‘truth’ of the custom field and whether it is true or false.

  1. Equals: The custom field equals a specific value

  2. Doesn’t equal: The custom field does not equal a specific value

  3. Contains: The custom field contains a specific value

  4. Doesn’t contain: The custom field does not contain a specific value

  5. Starts With: The custom field value starts with something specific

  6. Ends With: The custom field value ends with something specific

  7. Wildcard Match: The custom field has a value that matches zero or more non-space characters, or one exact character.

Add a value for the custom field to the field provided.

Activate the ‘Sync’ feature for a segment

At the top of the segment editing area, select your email marketing service from the sync drop down (currently Drip is the only service available to select).

Note: The sync feature is not activated on all segments by default and needs to be activated on a per-segment group basis.

A green dot beside the segment name will indicate if any custom field(s) are being synced in that specific segment.

To make sure the sync feature is activated, and to save your new custom field condition, click the ‘Publish’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

Note: For any segments where the custom field condition has not been added or defined, a grey message will display next to the segment title. Segment(s) without the custom field condition will not be synced to the ESP.


The subscriber below has subscribed to the ‘12 Week Transformation’ email list, and has been tagged in the Drip email marketing service.

When the subscriber visits the website where a Campaign has been created using that Segment Group, the subscribers profile will be updated with the custom field.

Because a segment has a condition that should READ ‘motivation = Fat Loss’ as one of the segment conditions, RM will automatically add a value of ‘Fat Loss’ to that visitor's ‘motivation’ custom field.

If the custom field already exists in the subscribers profile, the existing value will be overwritten.

Personal Panda says:

If the custom field condition is deleted from the condition, or the segment is deleted, the custom field will no longer sync.

The custom field will not be removed from the subscribers profile as a result of deleting a custom field condition.