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How To Apply A Personalization To Multiple Pages

If you are personalizing a site-wide element, such as showing or hiding a menu link or opt in form,  there is a quick way to apply the personalization to all pages of your website, without having to define each pages one by one.

On the below website, a link displays in the menu at the top of the website. The link is available to new subscribers or subscribers that have not yet had a consultation, to arrange for their free consultation.

To hide the menu link for subscribers that have had their free consultation, we can personalize the menu item in the RightMessage campaign editor to hide it from a specific segment.

By default, the personalization is only applied to the URL showing in the URL bar. To apply the page to all pages on the website, we can adjust the URL listed in the ‘Affected Pages’ tab.

Place an asterisk * after the homepage URL in the field provided.

If we navigate to another page on the website in the Campaign Editing area, the personalization to remove the ‘Free Consultation’ link is applied to that page as well.