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Campaign Recipe: Display related testimonials and case studies

Testimonials are used for the purposes of persuading a potential customer who is already predisposed to buying, and tip them over the edge. A good testimonial is a little nudge that tips the scale and makes a person go from “I kind of want it, but ...” to “Ok, I’ll buy.”

The personalization editing area in RightMessage provides you with tools to edit specific elements of your site to adjust items such as an image, title and paragraph text that you would see in a testimonial. So rather than seeing a ‘mixed bag’ of testimonials from different types of people, you can customize your site to display different testimonials based on the industry the site visitor is in.

The campaign creation area in RightMessage has provided a ‘recipe’ to quickly set up a campaign to target visitors from different industries arriving on your site.

How to setup and configure the campaign for this recipe

In your RightMessage admin area, click ‘Dashboard’ to navigate to the campaign creation area.

If this is your first campaign, click the yellow ‘Create A Campaign’ button.

If you are creating an additional campaign, click the ‘Start a new campaign’ button

In the campaign creation screen locate the ‘Display relevant testimonials and case studies’ recipe and click the gray ‘Use This Recipe’ button.

Tip: Click the arrow beside ‘Start a new campaign’ if you need to exit the campaign creation screen.

Complete the required fields provided for this recipe.

For the ‘Display relevant testimonials and case studies’ campaign, select an existing segment group or create a new one.

  1. Set up a new segment group (if required)

  2. Select from an existing segment group. The segments belonging to that segment group will display under the dropdown field.

  3. Click ‘Set Up Campaign’ once done.

Setting up a new segment group

If you have not set up a segment before, click the grey ‘Set up a segment group of industries’ button.

  1. Add an Industry or Vertical name.

Once you create the ‘Set Up Campaign’ button, RightMessage will automatically create the new campaign and redirect you to the campaign editing area for you to begin personalizing the website.

To make sure your new campaign is saved, click the ‘Publish’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

RightMessage will save the new campaign.

If you want to track the campaign, click the yellow ‘Yes. Click This Campaign’ button to assign a goal to the campaign.

Learn more about creating a goal here.

Examples for displaying testimonials and case studies.

Suggestions of elements to adjust for this campaign could include one or more of the below:

  • Adjusting the image, author name and testimonial on a sales page

  • Change the details of case studies mentioned in articles.

  • Adjust quotes used in your content

To start personalizing for your campaign, locate an element to adjust.

In the main campaign editing area, hover over the page you are personalizing and use the pink outline to locate the element you want to adjust.

Click on the element and click the option to ‘Start Personalizing This Link’.

Use the editing box to make any necessary changes to the element, such as the image URL, text, destination URL, visibility or styles of the element.

Note: You can repeat the personalizations for multiple segments of website visitors.

Click the ‘Publish’ button in the top right of the screen once you are done.