4. Create your first customer segment | RightMessage

Create your first customer segment

Segment Groups are the foundational component to your personalizations in RightMessage.

Segment groups determine the types of conditions required for a visitor, subscriber, member or customer to see personalizations implemented on your website.

Creating a new segment group

In your RightMessage dashboard, click ‘Segments’ in the admin bar.

In the left sidebar, click the ‘+ Create a new segment group’ button to create a new segment group.

Note: The segment area in RightMessage does not replace the tools you use for managing tags, segments and custom fields in your ESP/CRM account. If you have not created a RightMessage segment yet, this area will appear blank when you first navigate to the ‘Segments’ area.

Select the type of segment your new segment group will be used for.

Never used segments before?

If you have never used segments before, a great place to start segmenting your email list is to target visitors on your website based on whether they are a subscriber or an anonymous visitor.

Select ‘Customer Lifecycle Stages’ from the drop down provided.

A set of options will display for this segment group. Complete any additional fields required.

Note: you will be able to edit the segment group and make changes once the segment group has been created.

  1. Customer Lifestyle Stages Segment Group selected.

  2. Toggle to deselect segments you don’t want to create.

  3. Tag(s) assigned to a segment.

  4. Click the segment name to edit.

  5. Click ‘Create Segment Group’ to create the segment group.

The new segment group will be saved and automatically appear in the left sidebar.

Publish the new segment group.

To make sure your new segment group is saved, click the ‘Publish’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

Other type of segment groups you can create and target:

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