4. Create a customer segment | RightMessage

Create a customer segment

Segment Groups are the foundational component to your personalizations in RightMessage.

Segment groups determine the types of conditions required for a visitor, subscriber, member or customer to see personalizations implemented on your website.

Creating a new segment group

In your RightMessage dashboard, click ‘Segment’ in the admin bar.

Note: The segment area in RightMessage does not replace the tools you use for managing tags, segments and custom fields in your ESP/CRM account.

In the left sidebar, click the ‘+ Add’ button to create a new segment group.

Select the type of segment your new segment group will be used for.

Tip: If you have never used segments before, a great place to start segmenting your email list is to target visitors on your website based on whether they are a subscriber or an anonymous visitor.

Selecting a segment type will load the segment editor to complete the segment group set up.

Change the segment group name

Once the segment group has been created, you can edit the segment group name.

To change the name of the segment group, click on the segment group name in the main segment editing screen.

Edit the existing name or add a new name in the field provided.

Click the yellow ‘save’ button to save the new name.

Add segments to your segment group

Use the blank fields under the segment group name to add new segments to the segment group.

Click the yellow '+Add' to add multiple segments

Tip: once you have added the segment name to the field, click enter to automatically create a new segment label.

Question widget settings

To add or remove the segment from your question widget, click the 'Question Widget' tab.

Use the toggle beside 'Ask the question to visitors' to remove the segment from the question widget. 

The segment editor will change to remove the question widget preview.

Sync custom field data your with ESP

RightMessage offers a Sync feature that scans through your segments for any custom field conditions, and automatically assign the custom field(s) to the subscribers profile. 

This feature is useful if you want to track where a visitor has come from, and they subsequently subscribed to an email list.

In the segment group editing area, click on the 'Sync with....' tab.

If you have more than one ESP integrated, select the ESP you wish to sync with using the drop down provided.

Select the custom field in your ESP that you wish to sync the segment with.

Add a value to each of the segments that will be synced to the subscribers profile in your ESP.

Adding conditions to your segments

Conditions are the components added to segments in RightMessage to help qualify the type of visitor viewing the website being personalized. 

Segments and conditions allow you personalize the experience your visitor, subscriber, member or customer has with your website. 

You can add as many conditions within your segment as you like. 

In the segment group editing area, click on the 'Auto-segmentation tab to reveal the segments. 

Click 'Define this segment' to add conditions to a segment.

Select a condition type in the drop down provided. 

Depending on the condition type, different fields will automatically display for you to define the values of the condition.

Add conditions to the other segments in your segment group to complete the set up.

Publish the new segment group.

To make sure your new segment group is saved, click the ‘Publish’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

Other type of segment groups you can create and target:

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