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Create A New Account (or create a new profile for a second website)

Personal Panda says:

Please note, your website must be a HTTPS URL in order to work with RightMessage.

In 2014 Google confirmed that websites with a strong HTTPS encryption will rank better than their HTTP counterpart and websites that have NOT switched to HTTPS are now marked as unsafe in Google Chrome.

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RightMessage can be used to personalize an unlimited number of websites. You can create accounts for each individual website you want to personalize, within your RightMessage admin area.

Follow the steps below to add a second website within RightMessage.

Navigate To 'Accounts' In Your RightMessage Admin Area.

Log into your RightMessage account.

Click on the ‘gear’ or cog icon in the top right of the screen and select 'User Settings'.

Alternatively, click on the toggle arrow beside the currently selected account name, and select 'Create a new account'.

Click on the ‘Accounts’ tab in the sidebar menu on the left of the screen.

In the 'Accounts' area you will see a section to add a create a new account for a new site you want to personalize with RightMessage.

You will also see a section showing any current accounts you have available.

In the ‘Create Account’ box, add a name for the new account, and the URL the account will be associated with.

Note: The website must be a https URL in order to work with RightMessage.

Click ‘Create’.

Once the new account is created, you will be automatically taken to the campaign dashboard.

A popup will display the RightMessage tracking code required to be loaded in the header of the website you are personalizing.

Personal Panda says:

Note: The RightMessage tracking code for each account you create is unique. Make sure to add the correct tracking code to it’s corresponding website, and you are not using the same tracking code on multiple websites.

How To Navigate Between Your RightMessage Accounts

To move between the different accounts within RightMessage, use the toggle arrow beside the currently selected account name, and select the account you want to switch to.

Learn more on how to add and delete accounts in your RightMessage account.