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Fast & Secure

RightMessage is built off Amazon’s cloud, doesn’t noticeably slow down your website’s load speeds, and will never cause your site to go down – even if something’s wrong on our end.

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Serverless architecture

The code that we run to personalize your website doesn’t run on your server – it’s run by your visitors’ web browsers.

This means that we can run on any website, but it also means your load times aren’t impacted. Your visitors won’t be able to tell that they're experiencing a highly personalized website.

Backed by Amazon AWS

When a visitor views your website and loads our script, they’re actually requesting a file from Amazon’s global array of low-latency servers. Our script is compressed and includes everything necessary to personalize your website based on the campaigns you’ve defined.

Falls back to your current site if anything happens

If something messes up on our end or Amazon went down, the impact on your site would be your visitors seeing your website without any personalizations. There’d be no other obvious effects.

"This software is BRILLIANT"
Andrew Warner - Mixergy