How An Online Summit Increased Registrations By 45.4% | RightMessage
Case Study

How An Online Summit Increased Registrations By 45.4%

Tom Morkes used RightMessage to tailor the registration page that the affiliate partners of his most recently online summit, the $100k Launch School, drove traffic to. Find out how by just changing the headline and one other block of content, he was able get hundreds of more people to register for his summit.


Highlights & Takeaways

  • How Tom associated each affiliate with a particular RightMessage segment
  • The strategy he used to group his affiliates into distinct types
  • The single RightMessage campaign that's responsible for his lift in registrations
  • What he plans on doing different next time he launches

About the company

Tom Morkes helps online entrepreneurs launch more successful products, courses, and books. He's worked with John Lee Dumas, Jesse Krieger, Neil Patel, Ash Maurya, Teachable, and more.

"Holy crap this is awesome. Took me all of 5 minutes to set up a customized home page for our target user segment."
Ryland King