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RightMessage’s Smart Segmentation can be used to help personalize the emails you send to subscribers and customers. We can automatically store segment data in your email marketing app or CRM.

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Synchronize your segments

When a visitor enters into one of your segments, we can write that information to their contact record if and when they opt-in or purchase from you.

This enables you to take how somebody’s interacting with your content and store that permanently in your subscriber / customer database.

Personalize your email campaigns

By writing segment data as tags or custom fields in your email marketing app, you can then send targeted emails that complement (and reinforce) the messaging somebody is seeing on your website.

Syncs across multiple devices

If somebody comes to your website and opts-in on their mobile phone, our Smart Segmentation engine will store in your email marketing app the segments that they belong to.

When they access your site (by clicking on an email) from another device, like their desktop, they’ll be associated now with that same device and any segment information you’re tracking will be carried over.

"Web personalization is the “next big thing” that will quickly become the expected norm -- so get the jump on your competition."
Brian Clark - Copyblogger