What's the job of your website?
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What's the job of your website?

By Ricardo Bueno

This is a free sample lesson from the Personalization Masterclass.

If your great-grandfather needed some tools, he'd have to talk to someone who either custom made or sold tools.

This person probably already knew your great-grandfather.

They likely knew what tools he already owned (since they sold those tools to him), what your great-grandfather did for a living, and they probably saw your great-grandfather and great-grandmother every Sunday at church.

A generation later, Sears, Roebuck & Company started sending your grandfather this in the mail:


Now people didn't need to necessarily buy from a local merchant any longer.

They could just browse through a catalog, fill out a brief form, and send in a check. A few weeks later, tools (or whatever) would show up on their doorstep.

Sears hired copywriters to replace on-site salespeople. And these copywriters made a lot of money.

They were able to take a product and distil it down to have nationwide appeal. Their copy ended up doing the job that the local tool merchant would do.

These days, the catalogs have been replaced with websites:


Generally speaking, very little has changed during the transition from catalog -> website.

Copywriters still write copy for each listing and display the products in a way that makes categorical sense.

And for the most part, they're still trying to speak to everyone.

The RightMessage team just released the first lesson of The Personalization Masterclass.

In this lesson, we compare-and-contrast the typical online buying experience (referral -> lead -> pitch -> sale) with a more offline, more personal buying experience (the sort your great-grandfather was used to.)

It sets the stage for the overarching goal of the course: to deliver more relevant & holistic messaging to the individuals using your website, reading your emails, etc.

Why do we think this is such a big deal?

Because the trade-off to "one-size fits all copywriting" — even if it's AMAZING sales copy — is that you're going to lose people in the process.

You owe it to your business and customers to personalize the way you communicate with everyone who interacts with you online. (And it's not as hard or intimidating as you might think.)

We've made Lesson #1 free. Check it out.