Welcome to the BIGGEST advancement in personalization technology to date — RightAsk!
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Welcome to the BIGGEST advancement in personalization technology to date — RightAsk!

By Dana Severson

A friend of ours (and customer), Chris Lema recently sent out the following tweet ...


This was awesome to see and of course, we're very humbled by his words ... but it's also a perfect segue into we're about to share!

I am beyond excited to introduce you to the BIGGEST advancement in personalization technology to date — RightAsk! 🎉

(All RightMessage platform accounts (Starter, Business, and Enterprise) have now been upgraded to include this game-changing tool!)

Chris talked about building #Intelligent websites with RightMessage — with the addition of RightAsk ... you'll now be building #Brilliant websites. 🤓

I'm dead serious when I say that this is by far the most exciting and impactful tool that we've ever launched! You can be up and running in a matter of minutes and the results will be felt almost immediately. 

Check this out 👇


Over just the past few days, Lambda School gathered segmentation data from over 1,400 of their visitors allowing them to immediately personalize their experience! 


These aren't uncommon results either — our own response rate is about the same! 

Why are we so pumped about RightAsk? 

Three reasons ...

  1. There is NO doubt that when you are able to dynamically tailor your copy and calls-to-action to match the precise needs of your unique visitors, conversions increase and revenue goes up. 📈 We see it happen every day with our customers. In fact, we (literally!) guarantee it! 👉 RightAsk instantly makes this easier!
  2. Segmenting your visitors based on where they came from, which ad they clicked on or what content they're reading is a great way to passively understand your visitors, but wouldn't be amazing if they just told you what mattered to them instead? 👉 RightAsk removes the guess work!

  3. There are a lot of ways to survey and capture data from your customers ... BUT, what good is the data you collect if you don't have a way to use it? 👉 RightAsk makes data immediately actionable!

How RightAsk is completely changing the game  

With RightAsk, you can now unobtrusively survey both anonymous and known visitors who are browsing through your website and immediately use the answers to personalize their experience and close the sale. 

Simply setup a series of questions and RightAsk will present them to your visitors — one question at a time, until they've all been answered. 

And it's smart as a whip

That means that It will only ask the questions that you don't already know the answer to and will automatically move to the next question in the series.

As soon as a question is answered, that visitor will be put immediately into the corresponding segment and the their data will be synced to their record in your ESP or CRM. 

Awesome, right? Well, it gets better. 

If the visitor is anonymous, but ends up signing up as a subscriber or customer the next day, week or even month ... the questions they answered as an anonymous visitor will stay with them and will now be synced to their known identity. 💥

The BEST part is, their entire experience can now be personalized with RightMessage based on the data you've collected in RightAsk. 

➡️ An anonymous visitor answered they're "ready to buy" instead of "just shopping" -> trigger a RightBar to display a buy now offer. 

➡️ A known visitor (i.e. subscriber) answered they're "researching options" instead of "ready to buy" -> display testimonials from customers who chose you over a competitor and  trigger an email in your CRM or ESP that addresses your competitive advantages. 

With RightAsk and the RightMessage platform, the sky is the limit! This powerful combo is unlike anything else that exists ... and it's only going to continue getting better. 

Next steps

  1. If you're a RightMessage customer -> Log into your account and start enjoying the benefits of RightAsk.
  2. If you're a RightBar customer -> Log in and upgrade your account within your settings to get immediate access to RightAsk. 
  3. If you still have questions and want to see what RightAsk can do -> Join me on Wednesday for a live demo and Q&A
  4. If you're still kicking the tires -> Check out Brennan's walk-thru video or recent announcement post

We're sooooo excited for you to see the amazing impact that RightAsk will have your business.

Hit us up on chat if you have any questions! 

P.S. Hint ... hint: RightAsk is making the the RightMessage platform infinitely more valuable, which will ultimately be reflected in the cost of our plans. If you're not a current customer, you may want to consider locking into our current rates before they go up. 💭