4 Reasons You're Going To Love Our New Dashboard

By Brennan Dunn

At the root of all personalization is segmentation...

Don't have your audience segmented? Then you're not going to be able to personalize much of anything.

RightMessage isn't just personalization software. It's a full blown segmentation engine that ties together your email marketing database / CRM with your website, enabling you the ability to profile anyone based on their on-site behavior – and to optionally sync all of that activity up to their contact record.

And today, we've released a brand new dashboard that makes it even more obvious (and easier) to see how we're segmenting your audience and enriching your subscribers.

Your new RightMessage dashboard gives you the following superpowers:

1) Sit back and watch us enrich your list (all in real-time)

Our activity feed shows you how people are engaging with your RightAsk surveys and how we're syncing data up to your email marketing database.

2) Get daily insights into audience engagement and activity

How many people are self-segmenting by answering RightAsk questions? How much data are we sending up to your email marketing app – enabling you to send super targeted emails?

Splice and dice your reporting however you see fit. Last 7 days? Last month? Between one date and another?

Our new dashboard gives you complete control over the date range for the reports you run.

3) See exactly how each of your segments converts relative to each other

"Winner, winner, chicken dinner!"

Know with confidence exactly how the different types of people... people who identify differently, or have different needs... convert relative to each other.

What types of people should you try to attract more of in the future? What segments does it make sense to double down on your personalizations with?

You'll no longer need to trust your gut here – we'll show you the stats.

4) High-level insights into who you're serving and what they need from you

This isn't really a new addition to the dashboard, but we've cleaned this up a bunch and you can now see how behavioral segmentation plays into your overall audience composition.

Many of our customers have reworked their 2019 content and marketing plans based on the overall composition of their audience, especially with answers to questions like, "what's the #1 thing you need to do better in 2019?" (or some variation thereof.)


This is just version 1.0 of our new dashboard, and we want to hear more from you about how we can give you even more segmentation superpowers.

We're just weeks away from rolling out RightCTA, which is a complete suite of call-to-action widgets (gorgeously designed, of course!) that sit on top of our segmentation engine.

Practically speaking, RightCTA is going to enable your website to show specific offers (like newsletter opt-ins for anonymous visitors, a premium product for returning customers, etc.) based on how someone's segmented.

So if someone came from designblog.com (probably a designer, right?) and then told RightAsk that she's struggling with scaling her business, your offer can be focused on how by joining your newsletter, you'll help designers like her scale her business.

(And you're going to loveeee how simple it is to set all this up on top of our segmentation engine.)

Get segmenting!

Remember: you can't personalize anything until you have segments in place. And within minutes you could be finding out who your audience is and what they need the most help with – and store all that data safely away in your email marketing database of choice.

So there's no time like right now to start profiling the traffic you already have.