Introducing: Popups and Full-Screen Takeovers

By Brennan Dunn

Last week, we released our new embedded CTA widgets.

And THANK YOU for the ❤️! Here's just a few of the replies we received after sending out the email announcement...

  • This is incredible! You guys are literally taking over OptinMonster and Survey Funnel now. Break out the fireworks!
  • I cannot wait to get off vacation (that’s a lie) to start implementing CTA. RightMessage is so 🔥.
  • This is an awesome addition, Brennan! Great work by you and your team. Can't wait to give it a try 🎉

And today, we're releasing two new widget types: popup modals and full-screen takeovers.

No matter what offer you want to present someone (for example, a lead magnet that perfectly matches who they are and what they need from you), you can now present that offer using any of our five available widgets.

Popup Modals

Our new popup modals, which now include exit intent as a display condition (!!!), can be used to opt-in anonymous visitors, or to progressively learn a bit more about your existing subscribers and customers.

When combined with our other widgets, like embedded CTAs you might add to your blog or a sticky bar you put across your site, our popup modals give you yet one more way of pitching the perfect offer or collecting survey data from visitors to your website.

Full-Screen Takeovers

These are great if you absolutely need to know something about someone before you show them something like a sales page, or if you want a way to drive your entire list over to a survey funnel to capture data that you don't already have. 

A Full-Screen Takeover, like a Popup Modal, overlays itself on top of your existing content.

But, as the name implies, this will takeover someone's entire screen (and you have the option of whether you want it to be dismissable or not.)

Other new additions (week of July 15, 2019)

Besides these two new widget types, we also have a few other goodies that we've just released:

  • Certain widgets (like our toaster and the new popup modals) can be triggered programatically. This means that if you want to have a link or button that manually displays a RightMessage widget, this is now possible.
  • Transparent widget background colors. This isn't for everyone, but if you want to make sure that our widgets completely and seamlessly blend into whatever background your website has (especially if it's a gradient or image) then that's now possible.
  • You can now have RightMessage collected opt-ins post as new form submissions, rather than tags. This is currently just enabled for our ConvertKit integration, but Drip and the rest are right around the corner. If you have a double opt-in signup flow, being able to add new subscribers to a form is a must.

This week we're also planning on rolling out:

  • The ability to collect other fields besides just an email address (e.g. first names.) Because we already know when a returning visitor is on your website, RightMessage is smart enough to only ask for data you don't already have about someone.
  • The first public version of our WordPress plugin has been submitted to the official WP plugin directory! If you use WordPress, adding RightMessage to your site, getting our embedded forms added to your posts/pages, and auto segmenting readers based what sort of content (categories and tags) people are reading are right around the corner.