Introducing: Embedded CTAs

By Brennan Dunn

We're happy to announce that embedded CTA widgets have now been rolled out to all RightMessage accounts.

Here's an example:

When we added CTA features to RightMessage a little over a month ago, we heard from many of you that this is exactly what you've been waiting for. You've wanted the ability to visually piece together who-should-be-asked-or-pitched what, and since then hundreds of RightMessage-powered CTA Funnels have been created.

Pat Flynn, of Smart Passive Income, has used our new CTA Funnel functionality to segment over 100k of his subscribers and pitch visitors on the perfect lead magnets and products:

However, a significant chunk of customers weren't willing to switch entirely to RightMessage.


Because, while popup widgets and sticky bars are wonderful and all, many of you wanted RightMessage to fit seamlessly on your existing pages.

You wanted people who finish a blog post to see an inline call-to-action that is baked into the article's page, rather than on top of it.

Our new Embedded CTA Widget

From within any CTA Funnel, you now have "Embedded" as a widget option.

Embedded widgets, once added, can be styled however you'd like. However, because every site is different we need to know where your embedded widget is going to be added.

To do that, each embedded widget you create will need an identifier (like "end-blog-post"), and we'll then give you a snippet of HTML that you can add directly to your website's theme – wherever it makes sense to add it.

For example, let's say you have a WordPress blog. When an article is displayed, you show the article, you list any comments, and then there's your site footer.

In this case, you'd add the HTML we give you immediately after the article is displayed – using whatever page builder, theming tool, or whatever else allows you to do this (if you need help, write in to support and we can take a look at how your site is setup and provide guidance.)

Adding surveys that help you discover who people are, what they want, and then pitch them on a perfectly personalized offer are now easier than ever to add to your website.

Rippling: How we ensure all of your CTA Widgets are in perfect synchronization

With the introduction of our embedded widgets, we've also made it so all of the widgets you use are kept in perfect synchronization. We call this "rippling."

How cool is that?!

Two separate widgets, both powered by the same underlying CTA Funnel, fully in sync.

At its core, RightMessage is pretty (ok, very) opinionated. We think you should be thinking in terms of funnels, and not forms.

Regardless of how or where someone is being asked to answer a question or act on an offer, we want to guarantee that the widgets you're using never conflict with each other.

This means that if someone reads shows up from Google, reads your latest article, and decides to opt-in using the embedded CTA widget you have below each blog post... that if she were to then head up to the top of the page, the hero area call-to-action there that used to try to get her email address would now be gone.

Next week: full page and modal popups

On Monday, we're going to be rolling out two new widget types:

  • Full page "takeovers" (that can be set to either be dismissable or not) – these are great if you want to ensure that someone has segmented themselves before seeing a key page. And once segmented, you can then personalize the entire sales page based on who they are or what they're struggling with.
  • Modal popups will allow you to trigger popups based on exit intent (if someone's going to leave your website), after hitting a particular scroll or time-on-site threshold, or manually. Since these popup widgets will be tied to your underlying CTA Funnel, you'll never need to worry about annoying somebody for their email address... if they've already given it to you 😀

We can't wait to get these, along with all the other new features we've been working on, out to you.

Thanks again for your support!