Increase Your Sales By Personalizing Your Website
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Increase Your Sales By Personalizing Your Website

By Ricardo Bueno

One of my first jobs was at a call center.

And this wasn't just any old call center: they sold vacation packages to people who received postcards in the mail. The gimmicky one’s that say: "You're eligible for a free vacation! Call now!"

As a broke college kid, the Craigslist ad drew me in so I went in for an interview. Immediately after the interview:

  1. I was put in a cubicle
  2. Given a headset
  3. Handed a script with instructions ("Here, just read this")
  4. And told to hit a button on the phone when I was ready

I hit the button, and I was off... I'd pick up the phone and just start reading.

The people running the business were savvy (though morally dubious). 

The powers that be knew that the script wasn't going to always cut it. So they told me that if I'm not able to close the sale at the end to raise my hand and someone ("The Closer") would take over.

For the next week, this was my life:

  1. Hit the button on the phone
  2. A few seconds later, it rings
  3. Once the prospect picks up the phone, start reading off a script
  4. They'd still have doubts and hesitations (and all the budgetary concerns that often plagues people who think free vacations come in the mail)
  5. I'd raise my hand and someone would try to close the deal
  6. If I closed the deal, I'd get $200. If "The Closer" did, I'd get $75 

Needless to say I didn't last very long. The job drained me and I hated working for a company that (I felt) preyed on people.

And I wasn't alone. Turnover was ridiculously high. Most people didn't have anything personal on their desk. No pictures of their significant others, their kids, or action figures. If you worked there, your shelf life was probably a week or two.

The exception was the lady 3 desks down from me.

Her desk was covered with memorabilia. You could tell she'd been there for a while.

When I started, the people hiring me pointed to her as an example of someone who makes thousands of dollars a week selling for this company.

During my short stint at the company, I noticed a few things ...

First, she had a script – but she didn't use it.

She talked to the people who called in. She asked them about who they were, the last time they went on a vacation, what life was like, who would they want to bring on the vacation, and so on.

And, most noticeably, she never needed a closer.

She knew the script, but it was more of a reference document than something she read word-for-word.

The Good Salesperson

A good salesperson is a good listener. They sit back and listen to what an individual prospect wants, needs, and desires. And they make their pitch using examples relevant to that potential customer. Thus increasing the likelihood of getting that “deal” to close. 

To quote Kathy Sierra, usability expert and author of “Making Users Awesome”: 

“The good sales person knows it isn’t even about benefits, but about the benefits you care about.” 

And that's what this particular call-center rep mastered so well. She may have started with a script. But she learned it forwards and backwards to make the language her own. And whenever she got someone on the phone, she listened. And she overcame their objections using language and highlighting the benefits that they cared about. 

The more I learned about sales, the more I realized how the best salespeople don't work off of scripts. They figure out what motivates the person they're talking to, and tries to find a way to align whatever they're selling with that motivation.

They know that people buy benefits, but they also know that people buy the benefits that matter most to them.

This stuck with me.

Personalization On the Web

In direct sales, you’re having one-to-one, personalized and relevant conversions. 

Online, your content and sales copy is engaging with an audience of many. Through personalization, you can begin to engage with an infinite audience of one. 

Think about one of your sales pages, a product description you have on your website, or a services overview page.

These pages are salespeople for your business.

They work on your behalf. All day, every day. 24/7/365.

But they're saying the same exact thing to everyone.

What if your website could be like that all-star saleswoman who shaped every conversation – from beginning to end – around the people she was speaking with? And making it so most people don't need to ask you a question via a chatbot – because you've already proactively answered it for them?

RightMessage makes this possible for you

We can help you easily make your website react to the people who are viewing it. This way, instead of having it just say the same thing to every visitor, it can react to whatever you know about them ... where they came from, what they're reading on your site, what you know about them in your email marketing app or CRM, and more.