Getting your boss, your clients, or even yourself onboard with personalization
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Getting your boss, your clients, or even yourself onboard with personalization

By Ricardo Bueno

Take a moment and try to think of how you would pitch me on your product or service.

This has been the first question I've asked people when giving a RightMessage demo.

After someone would pitch their product, I'd analyze what they told me. "You said this, and I think it's because you know I run a large online community." Or, "You used this example because you knew I could relate to it."

We all do this when we’re selling in-person, one-to-one.

But our websites don't.

Our websites are saying the same exact same thing to everyone.

RightMessage is making it easier than ever to quickly and easily swap out headlines, testimonials, key phrases, images, and so on depending on who is viewing.

And if the job of your website is to sell, it's critical that you make the language you're using to sell more relevant.

So here's my challenge to you:

  • If you work at a company and your team isn't yet convinced that personalization can help, ask them to try to sell you on a product your company sells. And then figure out how they tailored their pitch to you.
  • Ditto if you want to try to convince a client of yours to let you add personalization to the work you're doing for them.
  • And if you're the boss, ask yourself: If you had to pitch ME would you describe your product or service the same way you'd describe it to someone you met an industry event? To someone who is vaguely familiar with your company? To a long-term subscriber? To your mom?

Some Ways You Can Personalize Your Website

Before you start a personalization campaign, it’s a good idea to establish your goals and define your measurement metrics.

What are you trying to accomplish? Increase sales? Increase leads (conversions)? Increase customer engagement?

Once you’ve identified your goals, here are some things you can start to personalize:

  • Search results. What products or services should be prioritized to a visitor given the visitor data that you’ve collected?
  • Testimonials & sales page copy. You can personalize your sales page copy, headlines, and testimonials on your website to match the referral traffic being sent from affiliates.
  • Pop-ups and opt-in forms. You should be hiding opt-ins for existing subscribers.
  • Hide/show elements. If someone’s already a customer, instead of showing them the same product link, show them an up-sell or cross-sell opportunity.