Announcing: RightAsk, The Latest Addition To The RightMessage Suite
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Announcing: RightAsk, The Latest Addition To The RightMessage Suite

By Brennan Dunn

Three weeks ago, we launched RightBar – and with more than 2,000 companies now using it, it's already proved to be an indispensable tool for brands who want to get personal.

Soon, we're launching yet another tool: RightAsk.

We wanted to make it easy for you to survey your audience...

  • What industry are they in?
  • What stage is their business at?
  • What's the primary they need they have right now that you can help them with?

There are plenty of other tools out there that will let you survey your audience. "32% responded saying that they're 'Marketers', 25% that they're 'Copywriters', ..."

However, these tools make it easy for you to see high-level stats about your audience... but they don't make it easy to do anything with individual survey feedback.

A preview of what RightAsk will look like.

Here's how we're changing the game...

With RightAsk, you'll be able to unobtrusively survey both anonymous and known visitors who are browsing through your website.

Simply setup a series of questions and answers that you want to ask, and we'll handle taking care of profiling your audience.

RightAsk is smart.

If someone arrived at your website from a marketing blog, we're going to assume they're a marketer.

Or if they clicked on an ad targeting marketers, they won't be asked what kind of work they do. We're just going to assume they're a marketer (unless you want us to do otherwise.)

But let's say you've already explicitly asked them about themselves, either through trigger links in an email or a hosted survey. Then we'll definitely not re-ask a question you already know the answer to.

Here's how Pat Flynn segments his audience using email trigger links.

Go deeper... Go personal!

What happens when someone answers a RightAsk question?

If we already know who they are and they're in your email marketing app or CRM database, we'll immediately synchronize that data back up. This way, you can send more targeted emails and run highly segmented remarketing ad campaigns to your subscribers and customers.

But what if someone is anonymous? We'll remember what they answered, and then if/when they do opt-in or otherwise convert, we'll then sync that data up to their new contact record.

Pretty awesome, eh?

Create a more tailored experience with RightAsk

When your visitors answer RightAsk questions, we'll segment them so you can promote targeted content and offers specific to them.

Did someone tell you that they're a marketer and work at a startup?

Great! Future page views – whether this session, next week, or next month – will remember that context, and you'll be able to easily show relevant content to them, like testimonials from other marketers and language that resonates best with startups.

A proof-of-concept of the RightAsk dashboard.

By progressively profiling your audience, you'll not only collect more details about who's viewing your website and what they want from you, but you'll also be able to use that data to make the experience that your audience has with you, both on your website and over email, more relevant and more niched.

The result?

Products and services that seemingly were made just for them. And more people thinking, "OK, now I really see how they can help me."

RightAsk will be released in a few weeks, and made available to any Platform plans (Starter or Business) free of charge.

Features include:

  • Create questions and answer collections that map to your segments
  • Synchronize up to your email marketing app or CRM answers collected
  • Style and position the RightAsk widget to fit your site's design
  • Automatically skip asking questions you already know the answers to
  • Show you real-time stats about your audience's segmentation (aggregate)